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Our carefully selected coffee is sourced by our roasters through direct trade, ensuring a fairer deal for our growers around the world.

a sweet aromatic shot of black coffee

a shorter sharper shot of espresso

Espresso Doppio
a double shot of espresso

a shot of espresso topped with micro-foamed milk

Flat White
a double ristretto shot with smooth velvety micro-foamed milk

Long Black
espresso extracted over hot water

rich dark chocolate, espresso and creamy micro-foamed milk

White Chocolate Mocha
rich Belgian white chocolate, espresso and creamy micro-foamed milk

espresso topped with dense micro-foamed milk finished with a dusting of chocolate

espresso with micro-foamed milk and a little foam with the Barista's artistic flair

Flavoured Latte
caramel, chai, hazelnut, raspberry, vanilla, gingerbread or amaretto


Hot Chocolate

Dark or White Chocolate
topped with whipped cream and marshmallows



English Breakfast or Earl Grey
in a pot or a cup

Exclusive selection of loose leaf and herbal teas



Hot micro-foamed milk with an added flavour shot
perfect for kids


Fruit Smoothies

Very Berry
strawberry raspberry and blackberry

The Superfruit
raspberry and blackberry

The Tropical
pineapple, kiwi, mango and melon

The Bananaberry
strawberry and banana


Iced Coffee

Iced Latte

Iced Mocha



And not forgetting our selection of refreshing soft drinks
and juices from the chiller!


Our drinks are made with your choice of whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed or soya milk.

Don't forget to pick up your Java Coffee House loyalty card:
Fifth hot drink is half price, tenth is free!